April OPEN HOUSE & Art Playdate

Did you miss our last Open House? No worries! We are offering another Open House on the first Friday in April. 🙂 Mark your calendars or RSVP right now, so you will not miss any related info. 📌

Are you looking for a preschool for your little one? Do you like small groups with highly qualified and experienced teachers who simply stand out with their warm loving and caring attitude not only towards children? Would you like to have a say about how your child’s school is run and be able to choose activities and what’s best for your child on an ongoing basis? Have you always been curious about what a co-op-school is all about? This is the time to find out!We open our classroom doors to the public for our second Open House of the year and you are invited. 😊 Bring your child(ren) for a CNS playdate in our spacious and multi-functional classroom, meet our wonderful teachers and some of our CNS families. 🧡💛🧡

Most people know the meaning of red hearts ❤️ (true love, passion), but who knows the meaning of all the other colors of heart emoji’s 🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 that are offered in all the various social networks and on social media platforms?

There is a reason why we used yellow/golden 💛 and orange 🧡 hearts in our Open House Invitation text.
A 💛 yellow or gold heart signifies happiness and friendship. It is synonymous with new beginnings, youth, hope (sunshine), positivity, spring, purity, and strength. The traditional heart of gold. (…): The yellow heart means someone is happy and optimistic. This emoticon stands for the joy of life.
An 🧡 orange heart expresses great care, comfort, and serenity. The color orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement. Also the orange heart means you just wanna stick as friends and have nothing mutual.
So….we hope there will be lots of sunshine on April 5th and are enthusiastic to witness the start of new beginnings for some of you who will visit our school for our Open House that day. Meet us to experience the great care, warmth, creativity, and strength we teach our students. We are a joyful bunch of families who started out as strangers and became friends very quickly due to the pure magic that is happening at our school.
We are optimistic and hope to see you at our Open House on the first Friday in April!

Nov 13: Elsmere BBQ Fundraiser to benefit CNS

Join us for a delicious dinner and drinks and get in touch with the happy bunch of our CNS teachers, some of our CNS families and their kiddos during our non-profit fundraiser night at Elsmere BBQ & Wood Grill in their new Portland location on 476 Stevens Avenue in Portland!

Besides BBQ type food, they have a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals as well! The newest Elsmere restaurant has been mentioned as the new hot spot in the Deering Center neighborhood. Come and check it (and us) out this coming Tuesday, November 13th!

A portion of the proceeds between 4 and 9pm will directly benefit the continuous existence of our school!

We have a very talented group of CNS families and are very thankful for the beautiful things our parents are able to do for our school, like the poster below, which has been designed by a CNS parent and local artist Michael C.

Click on the poster and a link will send you to our Facebook event where you can RSVP and where we post the most current event updates.