Field Trip To Hansel’s Orchard

In October CNS visited Hansel’s Orchard in North Yarmouth. It was a lovely day of exploring and learning. Mrs. Hansel taught us about the life cycle of an apple, the pollinators that help the fruit and the many animal visitors that visit the orchard. Our favorite story was of the wild turkeys and their dancing apples. Mrs. Hansel also showed us her bee hive and we learned about the bee’s life cycle and what the inside of their hive looks like. 

After the learning we picked apples to bring home and played a wonderful child led game of Red Light, Green Light at the edge of the orchard. 

All the talk of apples and bees had the children asking lots of questions once we were back in the classroom so our Bee unit was pulled out onto the art table and apple sauce was made later that month. Yum!